Audio Equipment


・apple mac pro 3.7Ghz QuadCore 32GB RAM



・avid Pro Tools 2019.5

・steinberg cubase pro 10.0.3



・UAD Apollo 8 quad

・steinberg UR824


<midi I/O>

・MOTU midi express


<AD/DA converter>

・RME ADI2-pro (w/voltampre GPC-DC12)



・AMATERAS 1011 1ch preamp&comp


<DI / Trance box>

・radial PRO-D1

・shinya's studio 2ch trance box (w/tone control)



・AKG C451B x 1

・AKG c391B x 2

・SHURE SM57 x 4

・SHURE SM58 x 2

・SHURE SM91 x 1

・audiotechnica ATM25 x 1

・audiotechnica AT4050 x 2

・audiotechnica AT4081 x 1

・senhiser MD421-mk2 x 1


<monitor speaker>

・ADAM audio A5X




・SONY MDR7506 x 1

・audiotechnica ATH-M50CWH x 1



・mogami 2549 audio cable & etc


Plugin Effect & Softwear Instruments


・Diamond Naitive

・SSL 4000 collection Naitive

・CLA Classic Conpressor Native

・API Bundle Naitive

・H series Bundle Naitive

・Oneknob series Bundle Native











・Realtime Classic Analog plus

・API Vision Channel Strip

・Emprical Labs EL8 Distressor

・Ocean Way Studio

・Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced

・Fender'55 Tweed Deluxe



・soundtoys 5 Bundle



・Sakura Dither


<Plugin Allience>

・brainworks bx-digital V3 EQ

・brainworks bx-hybrid V2 EQ

・brainworks bx-console SSL 4000E

・brainworks bx-saturator

・brainworks bx-townhouse Buss Compressor

・vertigo VSC-2

・vertigo VSM-3

・Milennia TCL-2

・SPL Transient Designer Plus

・Schoeps Mono Upmix



・BitterSweet Pro(new)

・IRCAM Verb Session V3(new)

・Pure Analyzer(new)

・Pure Compressoer(new)

・Pure Limitter(new)

・Syrah V3(new)



・EC-300 Echo Collection

・Analog Channel V6



・melodyne 4 studio


and more



・IVORY Ⅱ American Concert D

・IVORY Ⅱ Upright Pianos



・Orchestal Suite


and more


Musical Instruments

<electric guitar>

・Gibson Les Paul Special (¥500 / 1DAY)


<acoustic guitar>

・K.yairi MV-90R (¥500 / 1DAY)


<electric bass>

・fender jazz bass (¥500 / 1DAY)


<guitar amp>

・marshall JCM900 (¥500 / 1DAY)

・marshall 1936 speaker cabinet (free)